Our Commitments:
We’ve started this project because we want to offer a way to meet people that feels human. We will always aim to be warm and supportive in your dating journey. 
Matchmaking is inherently not a confidential process. That being said, we respect your privacy and will only share about who is on our list in our actual attempts of making a match. Anything you do share with us explicitly in confidence we will hold as 100% confidential.
All ethical dating is welcome. This includes monogamous, polyamorous, nonmonogamous, and more. 
We aim to make matchmaking as inclusive as possible. We welcome all gender identities and sexual orientations.
We will always reiterate that your “success” in dating does not define you. You are whole and complete and no amount of “experience” in dating will make you more valid. 
Your Commitments:
Consent. You will respect and honor yourself and any potential match through consent. Consenting to being matched, consenting on dates, and consenting in relationships. 
You will bring openness, compassion, and kindness to this process. 
No ghosting - if it doesn’t work out, that’s fine. Dating is an iterative process. We can thank people for their time and let them know we don’t see it going anywhere if that is the case. 
Explore and interrogate your biases. It is totally okay to have preferences in who you’d like to date (of course!) but it is important to interrogate these preferences as they might be based in oppressive ideology. Ask yourself questions about power in dating, and interrogate ways in which you notice bias, racism, fatphobia, misogyny, transphobia, and more in dating contexts. This article in particular has helpful questions you can ask yourself.
Respect our limited time as matchmakers. Because we do not do this full-time, we can only offer limited services, which is why we are able to offer this at no-cost. Please fill out your surveys in a way that gives us an honest view of you, if you cannot make a scheduled call, let us know as soon as you do.

Many thanks to With You Matchmaking in Boston for sharing with us this part of her process and allowing us to use some of her helpful language in the creation of Matchbook’s community guidelines.
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